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Flat Gaskets for Chemical Transportation

Trelleborg now offers flat gaskets in a wide range of materials for all of your chemical transportation requirements. You can rely on us to give you peace of mind. Contact us to learn more!

Regardless of how chemicals are transported— tank car, tank truck, IBC or ISO container— we offer a wide range of standard and custom flat gaskets in a variety of materials to accommodate all of your sealing requirements. Our line of flat gaskets is backed by Trelleborg’s global resources, expert local support team, and decades of material research and chemical compatibility testing. We maintain inventory of the most common gasket sizes and materials and can rapidly produce custom products to ensure your equipment is repaired and back on the road, rails, or sea quickly. Contact us for a solution compliant with the required local regulations. 

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To accommodate your sealing requirements for chemical transportation applications in tank car, tank truck, IBC and ISO containers, Trelleborg flat gaskets are available in a wide range of industry standard and Trelleborg HMF materials, including:

  • Elastomers
  • Flexible Graphite
  • Non-Asbestos Fiber
  • PTFE
Regulatory Compliance

All of our flat gasket materials are compliant with: REACH, RoHS, and Prop 65. Specific materials are compliant with: FDA, 3A, and USP  

Tank Car
  • Tank car, tank trucks, IBC and ISO containers
  • Valve to tank car interface
  • Internal valve sealing
  • Loading and unloading equipment
  • Pressure plates

Flat Gaskets Requirements

Torque Recommendations

Equipment OEM and material manufacturer-approved torque recommendations

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Installation Instructions

Proper gasket installation helps maximize performance and prevent NARs 

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Flat Gasket Literature

Flat Gaskets for Chemical Transportation
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