Trelleborg Flange Gasket Installation Instructions

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  • Remove old gasket and all residue from surface of flange carefully
  • Inspect flange surface and new gasket for any defects prior to install
  • Verify gasket material is as required for compatibility
  • Repair all nicks/gouges ( >1/32’’ in depth) and replace where needed
    • Radial scratches MUST be repaired or replaced due to seal difficulty


Gasket Install

  • Align flanges surfaces and bolt holes
  • Ensure flanges are parallel to each other
  • Insert gasket between the flanges on required sealing surface
    • If gasket contains bolt holes, ensure proper alignment
  • ID of gasket should never be smaller than ID of flange
  • Carefully compress mating flange down onto gasket
  • Adhesive is only recommended when absolutely necessary
    • Coat minimum amount of gasket required to fix in place

Lubrication and Fasteners

  • Confirm lubricant compatible with application parameters
  • Recommended lubricant friction coefficient K < 0.17
  • Liberally lubricate all bolt threads, washers, and nuts
    • Be careful not to contaminate gasket with lubricant
    • Hardened washers are recommended

Bolt Tightening

  • Prior to tightening, consult torque tables based on application parameters to find target torque
  • Never torque bolts under pressure
  • If deviating from table parameters, further calculation required (consult Trelleborg engineering team)
  • Utilize calibrated torque wrench during install
  • Follow torque sequence and torque in star pattern as indicated below
  • Final pass should be in clockwise fashion
  • Depending on material, retorque bolts 24 hours after install

1st PassFinger Tight
2nd Pass30%
3rd Pass60%
4th Pass100%
5 Pass100%