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To better serve our chemical transportation customers, we have developed a comprehensive suite of services focused on reducing hazardous materials NARs. These services support your sealing success with a breadth of research, engineering and materials expertise, industry-recognized training programs and core competencies in O-Rings and gaskets.

Chemical Compatibility Analysis

O-Ring and seal materials are assessed for chemical compatibility against Safety Data Sheets to ensure optimal seal composition and performance. This reduces replacement and maintenance costs.

100% Quality Assurance Compliance, Documentation and Traceability

Quality assurance compliance and material traceability forms are included in each repair kit shipped for immediate reference regarding parts and expiration dates. In the event of a non-accidental release, these documents reduce the time spent locating material information.

Reliable Incoming Batch Testing

A sample from each incoming batch is tested to ensure product quality and consistent material integrity. This effectively reduces downtime resulting from poor quality seals or O-Rings.

Proven Track Record

We have a thorough understanding of chemical transportation and expertise in providing the right product for the application at the right time. Our proven track record saves you time and money by guaranteeing correct material selection and timely seal maintenance.


Best Practice Training, Resources and Tools

We offer product-specific training programs for our chemical transportation customers, saving you time and money by improving your efficiency and effectiveness in seal installation and maintenance.


Same Day Shipments

We maintain a significant inventory of individual and kitted products for specific chemical transportation applications, providing quick turnaround to meet your immediate product needs.


Root Cause Failure Analysis Service and Reports

Upon notification and receipt of the failed part, we create a detailed root cause failure analysis report to prevent future seal failure.


Quality Control Lab for Analysis

To meet stringent requirements, our in-house quality control laboratory utilizes FTIR Spectroscopy to determine the exact makeup of an elastomer. This allows us to ensure the absolute consistency and repeatability of the materials we supply.

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Maximum Shelf Life and Error-Proof Packaging

Through our climate-controlled kitting operations, we provide individual heat-sealed bag packaging to prevent potential material mix-ups and maximize shelf life, while preventing dirt, debris and contamination from being introduced.


Repair and Maintenance Kits

To meet your unique needs, we specialize in custom aftermarket, repair and maintenance kits. To deliver increased safety and compliance assurance, we supply full documentation with each kit, including detailed parts references, expiration dates and material traceability forms.



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